Beautiful Quilt Journal in A Needle Pulling Thread

Issue 57 of A Needle Pulling Thread is due out soon, and I have a project in the issue, called Beautiful Quilt Journal. The theme for the issue was Words of Gratitude and Wisdom. I (as I often do) deviated from the theme just a little bit, as I immediately began to think of all... Continue Reading →

Teaching Kids to Quilt – Tips to Make it fun

If your child or grandchild has shown an interest in your hobby and is keen to try a little project of their own. encourage them to give it a try! Here are some tips to make it a fun experience, for both of you. Provide choice Pick out a couple different patterns that would be... Continue Reading →

Safety tips for quilters with pets

There is a unique bond between a quilter and their pet. It must be that cats and dogs instinctively know quilters have big hearts, with plenty of room for a special relationship with that furry friend. We often go to extraordinary lengths for our pets and take care to make our home a happy and safe... Continue Reading →

Is There Value in Colour Value?

Choosing fabric colours for your quilt can be a daunting process. Knowing how fabric values affect your choices, and balancing the colour values you choose, can make a quilt look muddy and boring, or really come to life. WHAT IS VALUE? In simple terms, value is the brightness of a colour. A colour can be... Continue Reading →

Get Yours Before They’re Gone!

I still have a number of copes of various issues of Quilter's Connection Magazine available for purchase, at reasonable rates. Very reasonable. When I say reasonable, I mean almost free. Each copy is only $2 + postage and tax (shipped in Canada). A single copy would be a mere $5.80. Two copies would be $8.... Continue Reading →

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